Risk Management

TEC is proud of our stringent operational procedures that ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance in the management of waste materials. Our clients can place their confidence in TEC as a premium provider of waste management services and of our ability to manage and prevent potential environmental risks effectively, and as such, advise them accordingly. Some of our risk management services are listed as follows:



TEC is able to provide our clients with indemnification documentation as required by their company’s corporate office or shareholders.


Environmental Audits

Our experienced and professional technical sales representatives are able to audit the client’s waste management processes and stream at no charge and make detailed recommendations to improve existing waste management operations.


Manifest System (Transportation & E-tracking documentation)

Our system is designed to accurately track all aspects of the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. The system is compliant with both local and international standards.


Environmental Monitoring

We monitor and audit the surrounding environment using the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan. These programmes track groundwater, surface water, dust, outdoor air quality, health and safety, and much more. Our procedures are compliant with WTO and U.S.-EPA standards.